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What We Do

Thermal Surveys
Laboratory Testing
Cable Backfill
QA Testing

Who We Are

Geotherm Australasia provides thermal resistivity testing services to the underground power cable and civil industry.

Geotherm is Australasia’s leader in thermal resistivity testing, providing both field and laboratory soil analysis, and are fully backed and accredited by industry pioneer, Geotherm Inc. of Canada & USA.

Geotherm’s laboratory is centrally located in Hornsby, NSW.

Geotherm is a NATA accredited laboratory (Accreditation Number 20321).

Why Us?

  • NATA Accredited

    Geotherm operates a NATA accredited laboratory, which includes ASTM D5334 (Thermal Conductivity). Accreditation Number 20321.

  • 15+ Years of Experience Involving Power Cables

    Geotherm Australasia has an extensive knowledge of thermal resistivity testing. Geotherm has been undertaking TR testing for the power industry for over 15 years, and is backed by Geotherm USA’s 30+ years of experience. Additionally, Geotherm has a background in underground power cable installation, allowing the experienced team to provide the best in field and laboratory thermal resistivity testing.

  • State of the Art Equipment

    Geotherm Australasia use state of the art testing equipment developed and supported by Geotherm USA. The equipment is regularly updated to ensure the latest technologies are utilised.

  • High Work Quality Guaranteed

    Geotherm runs a quality assurance manual (accredited to ISO/IEC 17025) to ensure the highest quality of work is always undertaken. Geotherm also conducts testing to relevant Australian and international standards, and is NATA accredited for ASTM D5334.

  • Central Based Laboratory

    Our laboratory is based in Hornsby in Sydney’s north, which provides a central location to undertake testing and to service the needs of our clients Australia wide.

  • Field Testing in the Most Remote Locations

    Our fleet of vehicles are equipped with mobile testing equipment, and along with portable equipment that can be carried on aircraft, allows field testing to be undertaken throughout Australasia and even in the most remote locations.

Our Clients